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Role & responsibilities

To ensure the success of your event, here is a list of the role and responsibilities of the event organiser and stable warden.

Event organiser responsibilities

  • Nominate a stable warden to monitor the stable area and activity at all times.
  • Contact the Sydney International Equestrian Centre when the storage room needs restocking. A stock-take will be done at the beginning and end of the event to determine actual number of bales used.
  • Contact the Centre to arrange collection when horse waste bins are three quarters full, as well as when full, so the bin can be closed and competitors directed to another bin.
  • Each evening and at the completion of your event, arrange for management and security to reconcile stable, accommodation, camping, equipment and key numbers.
  • At the completion of your event, arrange a time for the stable warden and venue management to conduct a stable inspection. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the stable bond.
  • Communicate with security when venue management is offsite. Provide the guard on shift with the stable warden’s contact details and room or campsite number.
  • Report any faults to venue management.
  • Ensure participants adhere to the no glass and no smoking rules of the stable complex.
  • Ensure the stable warden is onsite prior to arrival of the first horse and leaves only after the last horse has left the venue.